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Maaroof Fakhri

미래 수업에 대비하는 VR 시뮬레이션

who isMaaroof Fakhri


Maaroof Fakhri is a science communicator and geek who works at Labster to empower the next generation of scientists through the use of virtual technologies, particularly virtual reality, as their VR Product Manager and through development of global partnerships.

He’s travelled the world creating science and technology programs for teachers and students on 5 continents. While doing do, Maaroof's been drenched in slime as a science presenter, elbow-deep in dissected camel eyeballs teaching science in the Middle East, leveraged augmented reality to teach cybersecurity to youth, and has had the privilege of working with remote Indigenous communities in Australia build engaging localised science curriculum for disadvantaged students.

As a graduate with 2 STEM undergraduate degrees in Computer Science and Psychology, and a post-graduate in Science Communication, Maaroof believes the right technologies, in the right hands, can have a profound and transformative impact on global science education.